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Coffee & Connections


Coffee & Connections is a unique event designed to enhance your networking experience through Professional Speed Networking. The structure aids you in your efforts to make meaningful connections through a series of tailored prompts.  Participates receive a slip of paper indicating their individual table order. They then navigate the room according to the randomized slip assigned specifically to them. Small groups at each table are then offered designated time for Professional Introductions followed by time to respond to a prompt.  Each table receives a different prompt that allows participants to become better acquainted through their responses. The process is then repeated over the course of an hour, giving participants the opportunity to interact with a number of other professionals on a variety of prompts.


Coffee & Connections

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Make Meaningful Connections

In addition to Coffee and Connections, we offer a monthly networking opportunity in the form of Business After Hours. he event draws between 90-150 North Country professionals on average - that's a lot of connections!

Questions? Let’s Connect.

If you would like to learn more or would like to host an upcoming networking experience, please contact Allison Andrews, our Program Director at 315-788-4400 or

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