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Judith L. Gentner 2019 ATHENA Award® recipient

The Greater Watertown - North Country Chamber of Commerce has presented the ATHENA Award® for many years. This award recognizes an individual who is honored for attaining professional excellence, engaging in community service and for actively assisting women in their achievement of professional excellence and leadership skills.

For years, the Greater Watertown – North Country Chamber of Commerce has recognized professional leaders who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishments, devote time to their community, and forge paths of leadership for women.

We were proud to recognize Judith L. Gentner as the 2019 ATHENA Award® recipient.

While we are not currently accepting nominations for the ATHENA Award® recipient, if you know of a worthy individual please contact our President & CEO, Kayla Jamieson to learn more about the nomination process.


Previous Recipients

Rose Frattali 1991

Michelle Pfaff 1992

Janice Charles 1993

Chandler Ralph 1994

Lana Brown-Taylor 1995

Cathy Pircsuk 1996

Beth Fipps 1997

Deborah McGloine 1998

Jayn Graves 1999

Maria Roche 2000

Margaret Fargo 2001

Ruth-Ellen Blodgett 2002

Pamela Caswell 2003

Jane Gendron 2004

Mary Corriveau 2005

Cindy Intschert 2006

Kate Fenlon 2007

Donna Dutton 2008

Jody LaLone 2009

Pamela Beyor 2010

Lisa Weber 2011

Denise Young 2012

Peggy Coe 2013

Erika Flint 2014

Carolyn Fitzpatrick 2015

Carole McCoy 2016

Catherine Burns Quencer 2017

Barbara N. Webber 2018

Judith L. Gentner 2019

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