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Owner, Gail Warner Miller

Established in 2016, White Caps Winery is a farm winery that sits on farmland at the edge of Chaumont Bay. At present, the winery is hosted by Gail Warner Miller. Her and her team endeavor to maintain both the Warner agricultural and nautical traditions while celebrating the best in farm and lakeshore hospitality. The picturesque estate offers visitors the opportunity to press into local history and agriculture while enjoying exclusively New York State products. Guests can partake in the White Caps Winery menu or a selection of New York State craft beers, canned cocktails, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and more.

Generations of History

Descendants of the War of 1812 veteran and shipbuilder, Nathaniel Warner, have farmed the land on which White Caps Winery, LLC is located since 1838. Over the years Cedar Grove Farm operations shifted alongside need and innovation. At times the farm focused on supplying hay to cities full of carriage and work horses. There were seasons prior to refrigeration that centered on cutting and extracting ice from Sawmill Bay and other local sources. The family farm even made a living milking cows for a period of time. Gail Warner Miller, a 5th generation descendant, returned home to direct the farm to pivot once again. This time as a farm winery, bird sanctuary, and retired animal safe haven. Indeed, the agricultural traditions of Gail’s ancestors are preserved and continue today. The operations of White Caps winery maintain ecologically sound farming practices.

Farm Winery | Tasting Room

Cedar Grove Farm

Today, the farm has been established as a bird sanctuary under a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) program. The grasslands of Cedar Grove offer birds a place that supports both their nesting and foraging needs. As a result, Cedar Grove has contributed to the viability of migratory birds who make their way to the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence region for breeding season. Upon visiting, guests can also find farm animals on the Cedar Grove Farm, many of which have been rescued. Visit their website and see who you can meet at your next trip to the winery.

Maintaining Nautical Tradition

In addition to being a veteran, Nathaniel Warner was also a shipbuilder. Over the years the family has continued to embrace the nautical tradition. The Warner descendants have preserved the tradition through shipbuilding, sailing, and shoring up antique boats. The nautical influence is apparent to all who visit the White Caps Winery Tasting Room. Owner, Gail Warner Miller, has preserved this familial interest through the decor of the tasting room, the naming of the winery, and even the names, descriptions, and packaging of many of their wines. Additionally, the winery is accessible by water on Chaumont Bay at the entrance to Sawmill Bay.

Tasting Room Bar

Private Parties and Events

This nautically themed upscale venue is available to rent for private parties. Events can be scheduled from noon to 8PM daily for a variety of occasions. White Caps Winery can accommodate a variety of party sizes on their 178 acre farm. Interested in learning more? Give our member a call at (315) 649-2400 to learn more today. Also, Be on the lookout for upcoming events and improvements in the coming weeks. Live music and Shore Dinners are among guests’ favorite occasions at White Caps Winery.

Visitors are able to experience both the beauty of the sanctuary and the lakeshore winery. The White Caps Winery team encourages guests to explore the trails, sit along the shore, and enjoy the grounds. Open year-round, White Caps Winery is able to share the beauty of the area with guests in every season. You’re invited to come often and linger long!

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