Program Testimonials:

We are deeply appreciative of the assistance we are receiving from North Country PTAC and Steve Barr.  Without this support our minority-owned start-up service firm would not have some of our more prominent clients.   We are grateful to the help from PTAC and Steve Barr to set up the connection with Military base and many Universities in North Country. We have been the active attendees for every events hosted by PTAC including many match-makers and educational seminars.  Steve Bar has played the critical role to introduce us to Military base and instruct us on how to do business with Government agencies. With his advice, we even start to pick up some business from Municipal agencies. ~2016 Logistics Company – Onondaga County

I was introduced to PTAC in 2010, shortly after I relocated my company's headquarters to downtown Syracuse. Over the last five years I have utilized the services with great success. From my initial meeting regarding WBE certifications and learning how to negotiate government websites to be notified of RFPs, PTAC has been an outstanding resource.  We have been awarded several state and federal work over the past decade, all of which on some level myself or my staff took advantage of the expertise of Stephen Barr and the North Country PTAC. For small businesses, an organization such as this, is of tremendous service.  I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient of such a service. ~2016 Language Company – Onondaga County

During 2015 the North Country PTAC continued to offer assistance when needed for my small business.  A variety of sessions pertaining to operation and maintaining records, compliance and safety records were offered.  Bid match is also beneficial for up to date listings I can place quotes on.  This local office is much appreciated! ~2016 Painting firm, Lewis County

2015 has been a very successful year for our business!  Much of our success can be attributed to the North Country PTAC.  We were awarded 12 contracts with the Department of Defense at Fort Drum, New York totaling over $1 million.  We would like to thank you for all of your assistance and we look forward to working with you in 2016 and beyond. ~2016 Furniture Company, Onondaga County

This letter is in appreciation of the help from North Country PTAC in assisting my business procuring a contract in 2015 on Fort Drum.  The hands-on approach of the program manager Stephen Barr made the necessary communication for the registration processes with the parties involved at the facility at Fort Drum doable, rather than unattainable.  ~~~~ My company has successfully re-registered for the 2016 calendar year, again with Stephen’s help.  Our goal is to obtain a second contract if possible this year.  ~~~~I feel that I must extend a huge Thank You to the Watertown Chamber of Commerce and the North Country PTAC, namely Stephen Barr, for the cooperation and support necessary to obtain our goals as a local company. ~2015 Renewable fuel company, Jefferson County

Thanks to PTAC my company has been receiving more government contacts. We have received over 10,000 dollars in government contracts over the last three months and currently bidding more.  Thank you for all of your help, would not have been able to do this without your help.  ~2014 Tree removal services, Jefferson County

I use PTAC notices of upcoming projects as another search engine for opportunities.  This saves time and keeps us up to date. ~2014 Construction company, Jefferson County

Steve, I wanted you to be the first to know, I just received noticed that I was approved for my VA certification.  I want to thank you for your time coming to my office and helping fill out the application and assisting me with the process for submitting the additionally required documents.  I don’t know how businesses complete all of this paperwork with you.  ~2014 Metal distributer, Onondaga County
PTAC is the best government program I have even seen in my life, you are very helpful and you always answer your phone calls.  I wish more agencies and programs were like you. ~2014 Construction company, Onondaga County

Steve, thanks again for meeting with me today and traveling to my office.  I want to thank you for your assistance with SAM and the work on building a capability statement.  ~2014 technology disposal

Mr. Barr has done an excellent job to tap into different resources and facilitate the business collaboration among the community.  As a member of that community, we are happy to have Mr. Barr to help us out.  ~2014 logistic tracking

I think this is a great program.  When business was slow we attended many of their training sessions.  The networking opportunities and technical information have been instrumental in our continued success.  Thanks North Country PTAC!!! Keep up the good work! ~2014 building inspection company

PTAC has been a great resource for us. Steve Barr at PTAC helped us get on the SAM registry, answer my questions I have about procurement and held our hand thru the bidding process that we just got awarded the contract on.  We couldn’t have done it, without PTAC. ~2014 picture frame company, Jefferson County

I learned a lot more about the benefits of the WBE program and the process to obtain certification after our initial meeting through WISE.  I now feel prepared to move onto the next step in the process. ~2014 nutrition company

Stephen Barr was a great assistance to us while we were submitting our qualifications to Ft. Drum’s Sources Sought for A/E services.  He is very knowledgeable on the subject.  We really appreciated that he met with us. ~2013 A/E firm, Jefferson County

Keep up the good work and thank you for all of your help.  You’re one of the few agencies in the area that actually does stuff that really benefits our company.  ~St. Lawrence County

Every time I go to our local PTAC team with a question, they are always responsive and work very hard and I have my answer in no time.  They are a great asset to have.  ~2013 Manufacture, St. Lawrence county

Steve was a great help during working on NYS certification.  It was a very time consuming and rigid process and professional help was needed.  We hope that NYS certification will be obtained soon.  ~Interpreting services 2013

Steve Barr and his staff are very kind, respectful, cordial and helpful.  They have assisted our organization in finding information that would typically be difficult to access that has helped us to find teaming partners and opportunities.  ~2013 Design firm, Jefferson County

I so enjoyed meeting with you.  You opened my eyes to many possibilities for obtaining RFP opportunities to pursue in New York State and on the Federal side.  It is a great service your Chamber and the Department of Defense provides to small consulting operations such as mine.  ~2013 consulting firm, Jefferson County

I’d like to take the time to thank you and your team for putting together the matchmaker event!  In my opinion, this was one of the best business-to-business events that we have encountered in the area.  The quality and diversity of the attendees was unsurpassed, and very much appreciated.  As I talked with the other sponsors there, the topic of conversation was almost always directed toward how successful this event was.  ~2014 Information systems company, Jefferson County

After being referred to Steve Barr and PTAC from Fort Drum, we were able to receive our first contract.  That contract quickly turned into 5 more within the month.  Spending a couple of hours in the PTAC office changed my views and opened many options for our services.  ~2013 Tree removal company, Jefferson County

We spend many days trying to work with the government paperwork and registrations.  It was a very confusing and frustrating process.  I was referred to Steve Barr, after spending time with him, the process became very easy.  I am glad there is a resource like PTAC otherwise I would never have been able to get through the process.  ~2013 Body shop, Jefferson County

Your PTAC Watertown office personal are very professional and knowledgeable on what a business needs to do to work for the government.  Stephen works with me to break down the barriers for me while I learn the procurement process.  Stephen and Katrina have been very helpful and very good to work with.

I am very pleased with the assistance we have received from the North Country PTAC in Watertown, NY.  I have been to many of their seminars and the personnel are always helpful.  ~2012 Oneida county

The projects that the PTAC provides on a daily basis has helped my company find projects within the local area and surrounding areas.  We have successfully won over 22 million dollars’ worth of work as a direct result. ~2011 construction company, Jefferson County

This center was contacted by FEMA to help them get people registered in CCR.  They were placing people into mobile home parks in order so everyone could be placed in a home before Christmas.  “I want to write to say thank you so much for all your assistance with the vendors here in NY during this drive to get survivors into homes before Christmas.  I have heard really good things about you from the vendors and how much they appreciate all your help.  ~2011 Deborah Hailey, Contract Specialist, HQ DHS/FEMA

Steve, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me and my business.  You have pointed me in the right direction every step of the way, and answered every question I had and took your time with me.  Thanks to your help, I got my first contract with Fort Drum in New York.  There is too much to list that you have helped me with.  Me and my family thank you from our hearts!  Companies need more people like you to help them see the way to a better future.  I hope your future stays bright.  Thank you again.  ~2010 Wildlife management company, St. Lawrence County