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The Greater Watertown-North Country (GWNC) Chamber of Commerce was established in 1903 by Watertown's leading businessmen, and since that time has grown to be the largest business association in the North Country. With roughly 700 members, the Chamber represents the business interests of over 22,000 employees throughout Jefferson County and the region, and has representation from every business sector as well as government and the military within it's membership base.

The Greater Watertown Chamber maintains a Visitor's Center, and provides local and travel information to visitors, members, and the general public. We are recognized as THE source of information (accessible online, by phone, mail, and in-person) for the county and the region. We have a staff of highly trained employees focused on membership development and retention, benefits, services, events and programs, who are also actively involved on committees and Boards throughout the County.

We present over twenty-seven annual events, including a Business Networking Expo, Job & Career Fair, and Athena Award and Shapiro Award Dinners. Our Business After Hours mixers average over 200 members and non-members attending monthly to network and socialize. The Chamber's Farm & Craft Market, has a following in the thousands, and the Jefferson Leadership Institute is recognized as the premier leadership training program in the region.

Members benefit from many of the programs and services that we offer: money savings plans, customer building programs, advertising benefits, etc. A complete list of benefits and services is available online. Along with many networking events, we provide a number of advertising opportunities for members to get the word out to potential customers about their products and services.

There are so many ways to get involved with the Chamber, and to take advantage of all of the programs that can help your business succeed. Contact the Chamber to get more information on how the Chamber can help you!



Kylie_Peck_copy  President & CEO:
 Kylie Peck

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Director of Membership Development: 
Karl Ahlheim 

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 Stephanie_Mason_Cropped  Director of Events and Farm & Craft Market Manager: 
 Stephanie Mason

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Director of Marketing: 
 Jason Ryder 

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PTAC Program Manager 
Amber Stevens 
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